New Releases
Spring Web Services
1.0 Released:

Enhanced Features Interface21 has announced the release of Spring Web Services 1.0. With this new release, Java programmers can develop applications for Web services with the facilities of creation of contract-first, documentdriven Web services, delivering the flexibility, productivity and ease of use. The contract-first approach avoids interoperability issues and simplifies development.

It works with common Web Services technologies like POX (plain old XML), SOAP and WSDL (Web Services Description Language). This release also facilitates the best practices such as the WS-I basic profile and loose coupling between contract and implementation that allows creating flexible Web Services.

Apache Struts 2.0.9
Released: More
Elegant Framework

Compared to older versions of Struts, this version is more elegant for creating enterprise-ready Java web applications and is the “best available” version of Struts. This new Version is simpler to use and includes an important security fix regarding a remote code exploit. It is available as a separate library, source, documentation distributions etc.
  GridGain 1.5 Released:
Brings Open Source Grid Computing to Java

GridGain 1.5 has been released, it is available for download downloads.html. It is an open source grid computing platform for Java with high-erformance development. It has a unique set of grid computing features with open source LGPL licensing.

This release has new features with improved functionality like integration with Spring, Weblogic, JBoss, Coherence, Mule, etc. It is considered to be the widest selection of compatible products in its class.

Google Web Toolkit 1.4 RC2 Released: 100 bugs fixed

Finally, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 1.4 RC2 has been released and is available for download from Google website. It is being presumed to be the best GWT release to date because in this release, near about 100 bugs have been fixed. Moreover it is expected to be the final 1.4 release and GWT 1.5 is now on the way. GWT 1.5 will soon be released supporting Java 5.0. Hopefully, GWT client code will be based on Java 5.0 syntax and will support all its available features.
  Groovy MDA 1.0
Released: A Code
Generation Library

Groovy MDA 1.0 has been released and it is available for download from its official website i.e. http://
groovymda. Groovy MDA library generates software project artifacts employing the Groovy scripting language from the UML models. It is even capable in generating JPA entity beans from a UML model. Even it nables the user to customize the templates of his choice with ease.

Portals Pluto 1.1.4
Released: Implements Java Portlet Specification

Pluto is the Reference Implementation of the Java Portlet Specfication. The current version of this specification is JSR 168. Portlets are designed to run in the context of a portal. They are written with the Portlet API which is similar to the Servlet API. With the advent of Portals Pluto 1.1.4, it has become easier to integrate Pluto’s portal container into a portal. It’s a major refactoring of Pluto 1.0.1, which allows this integration. Moreover, it’s
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