implementation consents with the Java Platform Standard Edition 6 specification or not. The JCK license would be fully in consent of the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) which is available at:http://

Pioneer Java Spreadsheet SDK is now an Open Source Innovation

Extentech Inc, an innovative developer of Java components and development tools, announced the release of OpenXLS (under the GPL license), which is an open source version of the company’s Java Software Development Kit for Spreadsheets, ExtenXLS. OpenXLS is a robust and risk-free way to integrate spreadsheets into Java programs and web applications.

“With the release of OpenXLS, Extentech has leveled the playing field for developers who need to embed spreadsheet functionality in their applications,” states John McMahon, CEO of Extentech Inc.
  Magical Java Charts in

Developers can now design and configure attractive graphical charts on any platform. These are legantJCharts, which are a collection of three charting utilities: ElegantJ Chart Designer IDE, ElegantJ Chart Library, and ElegantJ Indicator and Gauges.

Developers can take advantage of ElegantJCharts Designer IDE for the visual configuration of charts along with the flexibility of integrating chart library in their applications in an exclusive way through a comprehensive API.

Java SOA Use Increases,
while .NET Declines

Use of Java is increasing at large in SOA deployments as found by Evans Data Corporation. They observed that more companies are planning to deploy JavaV based SOA solutions rather than deploying .NET based SOA solutions. This may be because of the newly available java’s feature to virtually tie with the .NET.

Java EE 5.0: New Enhanced Features

The new version of Java EE i.e. (Java EE) 5 is capable of developing robust and scalable enterprise applications. It provides a superb platform for SOA and the development of the next-generation web applications.
  Following are few of its features:

• The focus in Java EE 5 is made on the ease of development. With Java EE 5, there is less code to write.

• It supports latest web service APIs that is an ideal platform for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA).

• It also includes JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology, the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), AJAX etc for building of new generation web applications.

• Java EE 5 supports rich thin-client technologies such as AJAX, technologies that are crucial for building applications for Web 2.0.

• Annotations are used extensively to reduce the need for deployment descriptors.

• Supports EJB 3.0 which makes programming more simpler with the use of Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs).

• It also introduces a new persistence API.

JSR 286, Portlet 2.0
Enters Public Review

JSR 286, the portlet specification 2.0 has entered its public review phase. The public review held till August 27th. It included the features of the new specification like
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