Web services with Lomboz
Lomboz plug-in

In this article, we will discuss the Lomboz plug-in and its usability in developing web services.

Lomboz is an open source and free JEE development environment used for businesses and individual purposes. With Lomboz , one can develop, test, profile and deploy Web Services, Java, JEE and EJB applications. It provides comprehensive support for most of the JEE standard application server runtimes, and supports other vendor runtime environments too.

Lomboz is built on the Eclipse open source platform and the Web Tools Platform (WTP) projects. It is a free Eclipse plug-in for JEE developers. Lomboz is integrated with many popular open source JEE tools such as:

Jasper, XDoclet, Axis and Ant and even more naturally with Eclipse and the Eclipse Java Development Toolkit (JDT). Lomboz implements an end-to-end JEE application development by providing support for the complete development cycle: Code, deploy, test and debug.

Salient features of Lomboz :

Wizards for rapid coding: Containers, Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs

o Flexibility to manipulate the launching and deployment behaviors by allowing developers to modify corresponding XML scripts
o JEE Project Outlining View: Allowing
developers to view and manipulate containers in projects
o EJB code generators
o Improved EJB and XDoclet wizards


A whole new JSP editor with
o Java™ Servlet previews
o JSP and HTML code assist with syntax checking and highlighting
o Tracking of JSP errors with standard Eclipse problem markers
o The ability to edit a JSP file regardless of how it is packaged in web modules.
o Code assists for TLDs and taglibs.

Application Server support

o Application server launchers and stoppers for and almost any J2EE compliant server including: JBoss, Resin, Tomcat, JRun, BEA WebLogic Server, new: IBM WebSphere, Oracle 9iAS, Orion, and -new- JOnAS, the open source application server of ObjectWeb
o Manage and launch multiple applicationserver configurations inside Eclipse in Run or Debug modes
o JSP debugging for Tomcat and BEA WebLogic Server
o Manage multiple Web, EJB and Application (EAR) modules inside the same project.
o Ability to target multiple application servers from the same project

Web Services Support

o Web Services wizards
o Web Services code generators

EAR support

Create application archives quickly and deploy them on application servers using Lomboz actions. A graphical application.xml editor allows you to edit the contents of an application rapidly.

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