The Projects are the awareness of an insight of a diverse group of engineers, researchers, technologists at Sun Microsystems. These provides a common area to share innovative ideas and interesting concepts for the development of projects orienting around Java™ technology. The Projects grow globally with industry associations, universities, software vendors and individual developers and technocrats joining every day . 

Active participation on projects enables the members to learn from each other, discover new solutions to prevailing programming challenges, meet new technocrats and mentors, and above all, have fun with Java technology. Projects cover a wide range of interesting domains that directly influences the various aspects of our daily lives. community hosts the following projects :
• GlassFish
• Global Education and Learning Community
• Identity Management
• Java Communications
• Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control
• Java Enterprise
• Java Patterns
• Java Specification Requests
• Java User Groups
• Java Web Services and XML
• JavaDesktop
• Jini
• Linux
• Mac Java Community
• NetBeans
• Robotics
• Sun Grid Developer Community
• Sun RFID and Sensors
• Mobile & Embedded