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Flurry requires a Java-capable phone that can access the internet. Flurry officials say the service supports some 700 phone models worldwide, significantly more phones than services from Gmail and Yahoo can support.

Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1

Recently Sun released Java Studio Enterprise 8.1. It
is build on Net Beans platform and contains the powerful
features like application profiling, UML modeling and
instant collaboration. It contains the tools required to
develop, debug, deploy and tune the enterprise applications, web services and Java EE platform based portal components. It can integrate with runtime environment.

Java Studio Enterprise is developed using the NetBeans platform. NetBean is full-featured and user friendly due towhich it is well known in the open source community. Java Studio Enterprise includes many features, few of them are :

UML: Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 uses the unified
markup language to fast develop the enterprise-grade

Developing Collaboration: It enable groups to work
together dynamically, and facilitates code optimization to
increase the productivity and accelerates the high
quality application delivery.

Application Profiling: Built-in load generation
capabilities of the web applications enables an optimal
eventual user experience, faster transaction through-put
and understand and tune performance of applications.
Portlet Builder: It provides a facility to build and
deploy the portlets and portal providers within the IDE.
The above illustration shows how the Sun Java Studio Enterprise, comprehensive runtime infrastructure, pre-configured developer IDE, and Sun Java Enterprise System are integrated with each other. Enterprise softwares developed with Java Studio Enterprise IDE are deployable to other application servers based on Java EE specifications.

Apache Solr 1.2 released

Solr is a standalone enterprise text-search engine. It is a high performance search server with a web-services like API. It is based on Lucene (a full text search java based library) that works with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs (JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight data-interchange format). It have features like hit highlighting,
faceted search, caching, replication, and a web administration interface. It is written in Java 5.0, and easily


extensible with plugins written in Java. Documents are
added to a search collection via XML over HTTP. The
collection is queried via HTTP to receive an XML response
(or alternately JSON, Python or Ruby text formats).
More precisely,
• Solr offers faceted searching, hit highlighting
• Optimized High Volume Web Traffic
• Flexible and Adaptable XML configuration
• Loose schema to define types and fields
• Extensive caching
• Extensible open architecture
• XML/HTTP Interfaces
• Web administration interface
• Index replication
• Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities
• Extensible Plug-in Architecture
• Scalability - Efficient Replication to other Solr Search

JBoss Tools: Eclipse Plugins for
JBoss technology

JBoss Tools is an umbrella project for the JBoss
developed plugins that will make it into Red Hat Developer
JBoss community released the JBoss Tools consisting
of Ajax4JSF, Eclipse Plugins including the Exadel Studio
product, Richfaces (donated by Exadel to JBoss) along
with Hibernate Tools, Drools IDE, JBoss Seam Tools,
JBoss Application Server Tools and JBoss jBPM Tools.
Exadel plug-ins provide few of the features like:
• Useful for source and two way visual editing of JavaServer Faces and Facelets pages.
• Facilitates to drag and drop between Visual Page Editor
windows, component palette and project Navigator.
• It gives assistance to extend code for seam projects and
• facilitates JBoss Richfaces, JBoss Seam Components and JBoss Ajax4jsf.

SavePoint – A Lightweight Persistence Engine

SavePoint is a first released lightweight Java persistence
engine. It is designed to handle the complex and difficult
needs of an enterprise application, especially for the ORM
frameworks, such as iBATIS and Hibernate.

It is a simple engine in which any explicit object does not
require relational mappings. But the mapping information is

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