The Java development kit is available free to developers
and enterprise customers as conveyed by the company
at its developer Web site.

IBM and BEA Servers Get Spring Support

The Spring Framework is an open source solution for building applications using the Java and Java Enterprise Edition platforms.

Interface21 (structured support from Interface21) has certified the use of its Spring Framework with IBM’s WebSphere Application Server.

In addition to its IBM collaboration, Interface 21 has been
working with BEA Systems, a provider of service-oriented
architecture solutions for enterprises. BEA has incorporated the Spring Framework into parts of its WebLogic Server 10.The collaboration helped BEA produce a Java Enterprise Edition 5- compliant server. Java EE5 products, based on Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (EJB 3.0) technology, purportedly simplify matters for developers. For example ESJ 3.0 simplifies how Java objects are mapped to relational databases with a Java Persistence Application Programming Interface.

Aonix has partnered with Fujitsu Ltd
for Japanese Real-Time Java Market

Aonix has partnered with Fujitsu Ltd and NTK Aviation
America for mutual cooperation in providing products,
services, and support for applications related to real-time
Java in Japan. On the basis of this relationship, Fujitsu is
considering the application of Aonix PERC technology to
future airborne computer systems.

PERC Pico technology is claimed to be the most
widely used virtual machine technology for mission-critical
applications. The PERC Ultra virtual machine offers rich
J2SE-based capabilities, and predictable garbage collection, while PERC Pico provides low-level access and
small latencies that are often required for “close to the
silicon” applications. PERC technologies are said to be
more predictable and reliable than other Java solutions,
while offering higher productivity and lower lifetime costs
compared to C/C++ applications development.

NTK Aviation America Inc will coordinate the group
activities as a facilitator and maximize the strength of this
Fujitsu-Aonix partnership arrangement.

has announced Java software for hard-real-time
embedded applications

DDC-I, Compilers and Real-time Operating Systems


(RTOS) for Embedded Development:

DDC-I offers an extensive set of software tools designed
specifically for developing safety critical real-time
embedded applications.

Software developers working on producing safe, realtime
Java solutions for the airlines and military now have
a new tool available from DDC-I called Scorpion. This
plug-in for the Eclipse environment promises the creation
of lower latency Java applications than other such tools,
according to an announcement issued by DDC-I. Scorpion supports the current Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) spec. DDC-I promises that its Scorpion tool will support the emerging safety standard currently being developed by the Safety-Critical Java Expert Group, of which DDC-I is a member.

Scorpion supports mixed language development, allowing developers to combine Java with languages such as C, embedded C++ and Ada, according to the announcement.
It has a “smart linker” that removes unused objects, which can reduce the code size by “up to 80 percent.”

IM+ for Skype Software: BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, Java Phones...

SHAPE Services announced the availability of three
beta versions of IM+ for Skype Software for Java phones,
Symbian S60 and Palm OS. These beta versions are
intended for people, who want to make cheap mobile calls
within Skype ecosystem and to landline numbers. Since
Java version of the application works on all Java-enabled
phones including smartphones with Symbian OS. Skype
on mobile is now available for hundreds of millions users
worldwide. SHAPE welcomes everyone to participate in a
beta round and experience Skype features on the new
SHAPE Services works in cross-platform mobile software development since 2002. SHAPE’ products keep the leading position in wireless IM and Remote Access markets.

Flurry - a new mobile phone email service for java phones.

Flurry is a fast, free, convenient way to monitor email
or RSS feeds on a conventional Java phone But what if you don’t have a high-end mobile phone? A pair of free services, Flurry and Teleflip, let you monitor (and if need be, respond to) email on a wide variety of mass-market handsets. Both are useful, but in different ways.

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