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Dear Valued Readers,

Java Jazz Up Team is proud to offer you a FREE online magazine on Java Technology. Today Java is the most popular programming language and Java programmer’s community is growing with a pace of 10 percent annually around the globe, covering headcounts over 1 Million.

Java Technology has completely changed the way we look at
our personal computer, Internet, mobile devices and numerous technological advancements around the globe. Today it is one of the most pervasive technologies in the world that seems ubiquitous in all other related developments. In a sense Java is now in our daily needs whether we are a consumer, a developer or an enterprise owner.

Keeping in mind the latest developments, role of the technology and being forerunner online java resource providers we feel the need to provide you a comprehensive and monthly free newsletter that contains materials on Java.
“Java Jazz Up” as the name suggests is an attempt to add
something extra that will certainly excite you to explore new
things in Java and at the same time bringing liveliness to your
knowledge. This edition offers java technological updates,
tutorials and examples written by our developers that are easy to understand and implement specially for a newbie. It is going to cover almost all important aspects of Java technology.

In short it will wrap all facet of java as a leading technology
including web/application services, frameworks, design issues,
integrating various technologies together, open source tools
and a lot beyond, expectations. Additionally you will find
interesting articles, news and latest Java updates enriching your java treasure.

Enjoy reading and please let us know how we can serve you
better with our coming edition.

Best Wishes,
Java Jazz Up Team

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