Jorge Vargas
Jorge Vargas is one of the founding Java Champion. Currently he is working with his JUG and IENJINIA to seek volunteers via JUG community projects Jorge Vargas is a director and representative with the JavaUP Java User Group located in Mexico City. The purpose of him is to focus on students of university and the developer community with JavaUP. JavaUP is a valuable community collaborator in Sun's Tech Days Program.
Jorge has been working on ad hoc in Java consultant since 2000. Many events are also organizes for Java developer in all Universities even across Mexico by Jorge Vargas. He also has a special interest in the translation of the JDK docs into spanish. Jorge has added the code to many Open Source Projects such as: SimpleJ, JrMan, and SIBOTE.

SimpleJ is a retro-style video games console and developer kit console that allows you to understand or learn how a computer works and write your own video game programs. There is a JrMan OS version of the REYES rendering algorithm, which is used by Pixar motion studio's PhotoRealistic Renderman. Its objective is to provide an open source implementation of the REYES rendering algorithm. It also provides to both students and teachers, to understand how it works. SIBOTE project helps to students of universities accessing job offers given by companies who are graduated in computer science.

The main objective of Jorge is to inspire, coordinate, support and encourage in all members conception with JavaUp and use of Java Platform, with modesty and simplicity.