Jason Hunter

Jason Hunter is a very well known name in the tech field due to his significant contributions to Java. Jason is one of the founding members of the Java Champions program. He is working as a Principal Technologist at Mark Logic only because of his extreme knowledge in large-scale XML content manipulation using XQuery. Hunter is a member of the Apache XML groups responsible for Servlet, JSP, JAXP, and XQJ (XQuery API for Java) development. As an Apache's representative to the Java Community Process Executive Committee Jason established a landmark agreement for open source Java.

Jason is also a very well-known Java author. He is not only the author of the famous book "Java Servlet Programming" but also the co-author of "Java Enterprise Best Practices" published by O'Reilly. Jason is the publisher of Servlets.com and XQuery.com. He also worked with W3C XQuery Working Group. In 2003, he was awarded as an Oracle Magazine Author of the Year, after couple of years he was awarded as a JavaOne Outstanding Talk award in 2005.

Jason Hunter is a major contributor to the open source project. Jason created a new technology JDOM with Brett McLaughlin. JDOM is an open source Java-based document object model which provide a way to represent an XML document for easy and efficient reading, manipulation and writing a Java-optimized Straightforward API. JDOM supports XPath and XSLT. The name JDOM is a pseudo-acronym for Java Document Object Model.