Heinz Kabutz

Dr. Heinz Kabutz is one of the founding members of the Java Champions program. He is known as a Java guru living in Cape Town, South Africa. He is fluent in English and German. He is PhD. in Computer Science. In South Africa, he runs a small specializing in software development and Java training company. He brings Java to places many of us have never seen or heard of before.

Dr. Kabutz is the master mind of his publication "The Java Specialists' Newsletter" in which he describes interesting information about Java and also which is read by thousands of Java Specialists in over 100 countries.

Publication by Dr. Kabutz is helping and consulting the java beginners around the globe. Dr. Kabutz is also chosen as a Java Champion by Sun Microsystems for his marbles work in advancing Java. Dr. Heinz Kabutz has programmed significant portions of several large Java applications.  

Dr. Kabutz used his experience in writing the article for his publication, to give some tricks and stuff that we canít find easily in Java periodicals or newsletters and only because of this he is the principal of the Java Specialists consulting group in Europe. Recently Heinz published a series of articles under The Secrets of Concurrency. Right now it is a core reference for Java developers, who want to be a master in concurrent programming in their applications.

Heinz chose some rather colorful names to describe his laws of concurrency; the names are funny and meaningful at once like:

  • The Distracted Spear Fisherman Law

  • The Sudden Riches Law

  • The Greek Driving Law