Gerardo Horvilleur
Gerardo Horvilleur is known as a Java Engineer. Gerardo is not only a well-known Architect but also a very good consultant of Java world. Gerardo is one of the founding Java Champions who has participated in nomination process.

In the field of Java, Gerardo has 9 years experience of software developing where he has worked on several important projects related to Java in Mexico. He is also a lively member of the Java Community based in Mexico.

Gerardo involved in the jrMan project and in educational project called IENJINIA. The jrMan is a project that is an open source version of the REYES rendering algorithm used by Pixar motion studio's PhotoRealistic Renderman. The IENJINIA is a Virtual Console and a developer kit console that give a better environment for learning that how to write a software.

Gerardo created a product, which has been publicized from a booth on the convention floor. The product of Gerardo is a Java library called Montage. This product permits the programmers to display a special kind of image in Java applets or applications.