Geert Bevin

Greet Bevin was born on October 25, 1974 in Belgium. As per concern the study of Geert Bevin, mostly he was a self-taught. After secondary qualification he just completed 1st and 2nd year of the Architecture.

Geert Bevin is the CEO of Uwyn (Use What You Need), a small custom web development and software firm which have a strong focus on open-source, and rich internet technologies targeting small to medium web sites operating out of Belgium. He is the founder of the RIFE project, a full-stack web application framework providing the tools and APIs for quickly building maintainable applications with sustainable developer productivity. RIFE also support out-of-container testing.

Bevin started his career as a Sales account manager in Ingram Micro, next year he joined Maescopy as a system operator and administrator, same year he moved to Full Motion-i company as a software and internet developer. He worked over there on design and development of internet websites text conversion and encoding migration tool development. In 1998 he joined Ubiquity as a software developer.

Independently Bevin worked over many projects as a lead developer, consultant or project manager from 1997 to 2001. he worked on analysis and development of a generic solution for Planet Internet to provide back-end features such as automatic page authentication, user and group management, handling of JSP trails and breadcrums, scheduling of maintenance events, fault-tolerant database classes and localization. He worked over DTD design and creation for The Reference of a communication protocol between a WAP gateway and other tiers in a complex architecture involving a leading Belgian bank, database vendor, telecom operator and portable phone manufacturer.

He also created I-Skin. I-Skin was a realtime 3D installation that had been created for the exhibition 'Avignon, ville de beauté'. Visitors immersed themselves in a high-speed tunnel of images and intuitively selected images according to their beauty preferences. Every image had been classified according to its architectural, fashion or body characteristics. During the image selection, these characteristics performed transformations on the basic I-Skin, invoking changes in form, texture, color, transparency and internal structure. At the end, the visitor had created a virtual representation of his/her beauty tendencies and was plunged into the inner structure of his/her personal I-Skin to experience a breathtaking ride through its inner structure, decorated with the selected images.

Open-source and personal projects

RIFE Cutting-edge alternative full-stack Java web application framework
RIFE/Crud RIFE extension for automatic creation of CRUD webapps from POJOs
OpenLaszlo Platform for creating Rich Internet Applications
Bla-bla List Secure, simple, sharable to-do lists in OpenLaszlo and RIFE
Bamboo Standalone and embeddable RIFE forum module
Elephant Standalone and embeddable blog module written in RIFE
Drone Information bot written in RIFE
JHighlight Embeddable pure Java library for syntax highlighting
JavaPaste Pastebin with highlighting, diff and image uploads
Gentoo Linux Extremely customizable Linux distribution
RelativeLayers DHTML content development library
QtUnit Software development testing framework
Fm Desktop file manager
TinyQ C++ console development library
NATW Community website for ideas exchange
Ear Trainer Amiga ear training application for musicians
Bagheera Next-generation package manager
GClipper Gtk+ clipboard manager

Bevin wrote some famous books e.g. GTK+ Programming in 21 Days and X-Develop and CodeGuide Review. Bevin also participated in many conferences and Presentations. Some of them are as under:

Web Continuations, Rails-like productivity with RIFE, Direct 
Web Remoting (DWR),Dynamic Languages on the Java Platform
JavaPolis Dec 2006
RIFE Řredev Nov 2006
Cutting-Edge productivity with RIFE EuroOSCON Sep 2006
Cutting-Edge productivity with RIFE JavaZone Sep 2006
Dive into RIFE,Flow with Continuations TSSJS Barcelona Jun 2006
Cutting-Edge productivity with RIFE JavaOne Afterglow Jun 2006
Cutting-Edge productivity with RIFE JavaOne May 2006
Dive into RIFE,Flow with Continuations TSSJS Las Vegas Mar 2006
Introducing RIFE agile Java web development Fosdem Feb 2006
RIFE in Action JavaPolis Dec 2005
Modern web application development in Java with Web Continuations JavaPolis Dec 2005
Quickly building modular and maintainable applications with RIFE EuroOSCON Oct 2005
The server-side architecture behind OpenLaszlo application Java In Action Oct 2005
Modern web application development in Java with Web Continuations Fosdem Feb 2004
Benefits of Gentoo Linux BxLUG Apr 2002

In the near future, Bevin plans to contribute to the ongoing collaboration between Sun Microsystems and OpenLaszlo. The code-named of the project is "Orbit”. It will enable OpenLaszlo applications on portable devices to support the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME). Later of this year, Sun and OpenLaszlo ready to release the first demo of Project Orbit application running under Java ME.