Dick Wall

Dick Wall is one of the experienced Software Engineer and System Architect in Java platform as well as a member of java championís community. Wall is working as a Lead Software Engineer for a Siemens Company NewEnergy Associates based in Atlanta; it provides decision support and financial software for the Utility Industry. NewEnergy uses Java to build the multi-user applications for the company's clients. Dick Wall is one of the major contributors who regularly worked with Sun Microsystems which gave birth to Java.

He started his journey with java from 1.0.2 to write applets for web pages on an Apple Mac. He created a program called jFlubber and submitted it to Google Code where it is freely available.

Wall not only the Sun Java Studio Creator champion but also co-hosts the Java Posse that is devoted to Java News and Interviews with Tor Norbye and Carl Quinn. He has expertise in Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Mobile Edition. He also worked over many third party frameworks such as Spring, Struts and Hibernate. He is involve in his latest project based on broadcasting Java technical topics on Apple iPods.