Dr. Barry Levine

Dr. Barry Levine is a very well known name in java field. Barry is one of the Java champions. He is a Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science Department at San Francisco State University, San Francisco. He is also a Director of the Computer & Information Science Program at the American University of Armenia and a part timer Java consultant.
Barry is much interested in java field e.g. Object-oriented Programming, Programming language Design, Asynchronous Distance Learning, Compiler Construction, Functional Programming.

If we take a look on the academic qualification of Barry, he completed his B.Sc. in Math and Computer Science from university of Illinois in 1970 after that he has done M.S. in Computer Science (Analysis of Algorithms) from California State University in July 1974. Barry also completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science (Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Switching Theory) from Oregon State University in June 1979.

As far as the work experience of Barry is concerned, from August 1987 to August 1988 he was working as a lecturer in Hunan University. After that he spend some time for International Development (USAID) Egerton Project to Set up Computer Teaching Laboratory, he also designed Computer Science curriculum for Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. From July 1994 to June 1995 he was a Visiting Professor at Nairobi University and for some time Co-coordinator Kenyan Ministry of Health Systems Project and mean while he was selected as a member of Kenyan National Council of Science and Technology.

Apart from all of this Barry's academic experience was as under:  

  • Acting Department Chair (2002-2003) Computer Science Department, San Francisco State University

  • Graduate Coordinator - graduate student advisor, head of graduate program committee (curriculum planning, etc.)

  • Professor and Director, Computer & Information Science Program, American University of Armenia Responsible for creating and running the program - designing the curriculum, hiring faculty, admitting graduate students and other associated duties

  • Masters Thesis Chair

    • PC-based stereo vision system 

    • Web conferencing system for support of online courses

    • Intermediate language design

    • Structure editor builder

    • Instrument code optimizer

  • Developed WWW online courses:  

    • Object-Oriented Programming and C++  

    • An Introduction to Java

  • Faculty coordinator, NeighborNet Project - received grant to work with Taraval district (San Francisco) neighborhood groups to design/setup websites for informational resources regarding community activities, alerts, etc.

After consulting all about his education and experiences there are some of his consulting projects, which are important to discuss are as under:

  • Evaluation of System Architecture for Java-based E-commerce Solution Provider

  • Volunteer Executive,  International Executive Service Corps Amman, Jordan

  • Project for Jordan - U.S. Business Partnership; Program accreditation evaluation for the Computer Science Program at Princess Sumaya University College for Technology

  • Volunteer Executive,  International Executive Service Corps Yerevan, Armenia

  • e-commerce solution consultant; develop/deliver Computer Science seminars at the American University of Armenia

  • World Bank,  African Virtual University Project (Develop the Computer Science curriculum; assist with the development of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering curricula; Development of the University catalog, Campus Operations Manual and Student Handbook)

  • C compiler development

  • Year 2000 Problem

  • Data Base Language Translator

  • Internet Service Provider development